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Savant Labs
A World of Lubrication Understanding®


Engine Oil Testing

Savant Labs offer testing for the major engine oil specifications such as API SN, GF-5, GF-6, API CK/FA-4, dexos 1:2015, dexos2:2009 and SAE J183.

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Testing

Savant Labs offer the bench tests that are part of the OEM ATF specifications such as DEXRON, MERCON, ATF+4, Matic, Toyota ATF, and DW-1.

Gear Lubricant Testing

Savant Labs offer gear lubricant testing for crucial properties such as viscosity, shear stability and wear performance testing.

Hydraulic Fluid Testing

Savant Labs offer extensive testing for hydraulic fluids including specification bench tests and performance property comparisons such as wear testing including testing for bio-based fluids.

Grease Testing

Savant Labs offer innovative approaches to grease oxidation and wear testing for industrial, military and automotive grease specifications., including NLGI's new High-Performance Multiuse Grease Specification.

Condition Monitoring

Savant Labs has managed testing for large fleet studies and condition monitoring of crucial equipment operating in a variety of environments.

Fuel Testing

Savant Labs offer test methods for diesel and bio-based diesel fuels, including viscosity, low temperature properties and oxidation resistance.

Marine Lubricant Testing

Savant Labs offer a number of tests relevant to testing the properties of Marine Lubricants.

Turbine Lubricant Testing

Savant Labs offer test methods for turbine lubricants including viscosity, oxidation resistance and wear testing.

Marine Fuel Testing

Savant Labs provide comprehensive marine fuel testing services to address the challenges facing the marine industry.

Electrical Insulating Fluid Testing

Savant Labs offer testing of electrical insulating fluids used in high voltage applications.

Brake Fluid Testing

Savant Labs offer a range of brake fluid testing to ensure the safe and efficient operation of today’s demanding motor vehicle braking systems.

Electric Vehicle Lubricant and Fluid Testing

The transportation industry and its fluids are evolving, and Savant Labs are at the forefront of electric vehicle drivetrain lubricant and fluid testing.