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Savant Labs
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Submitting Samples to Savant Labs

Determine the testing needed for your project. 

Most often customers will describe the testing needed by method or by referring to a specification. If you would like recommendations from Savant Labs on testing to fit your project, that is not a problem. 


Obtain a Quote from Savant Labs. 


Obtain samples. ASTM D4057 describes proper sampling techniques for oils and petroleum products.


Package samples. 

  • See this document for suggested sample packaging. 
  • Include TAF and SDS with samples. The email for sending the results and billing are very important. 
  • If paying by credit card, complete Credit Card Authorization Form and phone (989.496.2301) or fax (989.496.3438) information to Savant Labs. Email is not recommended to protect your secure information. Orders paid by credit card will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee. 


Ship to Savant Labs

ATTN: Lab Manager
4800 James Savage Road
Midland MI, 48642 

Phone: 989.496.2301


Savant Labs will schedule the testing. 


Savant Labs reports results as a PDF file attached to an email from


Contact Savant Labs if you have any concerns about your project.


Savant Labs will send an invoice via email. If you elected to pay by credit card, the card will be charged at this step in the process. A credit card receipt will be emailed to you.


Contact Savant Labs if you have any concerns related to your invoice.

Sample and Data Storage

Client oil and grease (non-flammable) samples submitted for testing are kept for a minimum of one year from the date of receipt. Samples retained from fuels and other flammable samples will be disposed of upon completion of the final report. At the client's request, other arrangements can be made for the storage or return of non-flammable lubricant samples. Copies of reports and raw test data are kept by Savant Labs for a minimum of five years.