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Savant Labs
A World of Lubrication Understanding®

Custom Projects

Meet with the Savant Labs’ Technical Team to discuss your testing project

Technical Expertise & Services

Savant Labs, a world-class independent testing laboratory and research center, offer custom-designed lubrication testing for passenger cars, heavy-duty diesels, locomotives, marine, turbine power generation, and many other applications. This knowledge base and expertise have helped us to become the leader not only in lubrication testing and research but in guidance and consulting for a variety of sectors in the industry. We make this wealth of experience and knowledge available to you. 

Fleet Studies

Fleet studies are performed to obtain information on lubricant or oil performance over time from actual operating conditions. Savant Labs collaborate with OEM Engineers and renowned research scientists to design custom test packages to maximize the insights gained from fleet studies. Savant Labs' knowledge depth, and breadth of assessment tests, provides expertise unequaled in the lubricant industry. 

Custom Test Methods

We understand test methods are often written to address a need for testing consistency across a range of lubricants or applications. When working on an application that requires testing at custom defined parameters, Savant Labs have extensive experience in running modified test methods and reviewing the data to ensure meaningful results. In just one example, a major lubricant supplier collaborated with Savant Labs to modify a test to simulate the harshest conditions an oil might experience in a specific application. The results instilled confidence in the supplier's formulation. 

Combining Test Methods for Improved Understanding

One of the strengths of Savant Labs is our ability to combine test methods to improve understanding. Savant Labs published research on wear testing on a grease after exposure to an oxidation test. We have also engaged in customer projects investigating HTHS viscosity before and after deposit or volatility testing. Savant Labs have also succeeded in comparing wear testing results before and after shear stability testing. Savant Labs can help you define a testing program. 

Customized Professional Reports

Savant Labs can provide customized professional reporting. Our Technical Development Team can summarize your testing project and analyze the data in a concise and understandable format. Our reports have often been used as the basis for articles, technical papers and product technical presentations.