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Savant Labs
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Electrical Insulating Fluid Testing

Savant Labs offer test methods for electrical insulating fluids testing used in high voltage applications, i.e., transformers, capacitors, voltage cables, and high voltage switchgear.  The test methods offered include flash, fire, pour point, viscosity, density, thermal conductivity and more.  

ASTM International Methods

ASTM D92    Flash Point and Fire Point, Cleveland Open Cup
ASTM D97    Pour Point
ASTM D445  Kinematic Viscosity (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity) 
ASTM D611   Aniline Point
ASTM D664  Acid Number
ASTM D877  Dielectric Breakdown Voltage
ASTM D924  Dissipation/Power Factor
ASTM D974  Acid and Base Number by Color-Indicator Titration
ASTM D1298 Density / API Gravity, Hydrometer
ASTM D1500 Color 
ASTM D1533 Water in Insulating Liquids by Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration
ASTM D2112 Oxidation Stability of Inhibited Oil by Pressure Vessel at 140°C
ASTM D2717 Thermal Conductivity - Single Temperature (Withdrawn)
ASTM D4052 Specific Gravity (Includes API Gravity)