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Savant Labs
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Fuel Testing

Find fuel testing solutions that you can trust with Savant Labs. Our fuel testing services provide comprehensive fuel analysis to detect fuel instability, volatility, and contamination. With accurate results, our fuel tests can help you maintain the quality of gasoline, diesel , and bio-based diesel fuels for smooth engine operations. Contact us today to find out how our fuel testing services can benefit your business. Let us help you keep your engines running efficiently and reliably!

ASTM International Method

ASTM D86   Modified Distillation  by Gas Chromatograph
ASTM D93   Flash Point, Pensky-Martins Closed Cup
ASTM D97   Pour Point
ASTM D130 Copper Strip Corrosion
ASTM D189 Carbon Residue, Conradson 
ASTM D240 Gross Heat of Combustion
ASTM D323 Reid Vapor Pressure
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity
ASTM D482 Total Ash
ASTM D524 Carbon Residue, Ramsbottom 
ASTM D664 Acid Number
ASTM D893 Insolubles, Pentane
ASTM D974 Acid Number
ASTM D976 & D4737 Cetane Index
ASTM D1298 Density / API Gravity, Hydrometer
ASTM D1500 Color
ASTM D2274 Oxidation Stability (Petroleum Fuel Oil)
ASTM D2500 Cloud Point
ASTM D2622 Sulfur by XRF - Wavelength Dispersive 
ASTM D2709 Water and Sediment
ASTM D2887 Gas Chromatography - Carbon Distribution
ASTM D5133 Scanning Brookfield Viscosity (-5°C to -40°C)
ASTM D5185 Elemental Analysis by ICP
ASTM D5186 Aromatics in Diesel Fuel
ASTM D5291 Carbon,  Hydrogen and Nitrogen Content
ASTM D5291 Nitrogen - Carlo Erba
ASTM D5453 Sulfur
ASTM D5453 & D5762 Sulfur and Nitrogen Package
ASTM D6079 Lubricity by HFRR
ASTM D6217 Particulate Contamination for Diesel Fuels
ASTM D6304 Water by Karl Fischer
ASTM D6371 Cold Filter Plug Point
ASTM D7321 Particulate Contamination for Biodiesel Fuels
ASTM D7371 FAME Content in Diesel Fuel Oil
ASTM D7412-D7415 FTIR Analysis, Phosphate Anti-Wear
ASTM D7462 Oxidation Stability 
ASTM E659 Auto-Ignition Temperature, Liquid Chemicals
EN 14078 FAME Content in Diesel Fuel Oil
EN 14112 & EN 15751 Oxidation Stability Rancimat
SAVLAB BDICP Elemental Analysis for Biodiesel Fuels