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Engine Oil Testing

Engine oil testing is performed for the major engine oil specifications such as API SN, GF-5, GF-6, API CK/FA-4, dexos 1 Gen 3, dexos 2, SAE J183 and SAE J300. In fact, our Labs developed several key engine oil bench tests that are now industry requirements such as High-Temperature High Shear Viscosity, TEOST MHT®, TEOST® 33C, and Scanning Brookfield / Gelation Index.

ASTM International Method

ASTM D92    Flash Point and Fire Point, Cleveland Open Cup
ASTM D97    Pour Point
ASTM D287  API Gravity of Crude Petroleum/Petroleum
ASTM D445  Kinematic Viscosity
ASTM D664  Acid Number
ASTM D874  Sulfated Ash
ASTM D892  Foaming, Sequence I - III
ASTM D892 & D6082 Foaming, Sequence I - IV
ASTM D1298 Density / API Gravity, Hydrometer
ASTM D2270 Viscosity Index
ASTM D2896 Base Number 
ASTM D2982 Glycol
ASTM D3524 Fuel Dilution, Diesel
ASTM D3525 Fuel Dilution, Gasoline
ASTM D3829 Mini-Rotary Viscosity (MRV)
ASTM D4052 Specific Gravity (Includes API Gravity)
ASTM D4291 Glycol
ASTM D4629 Nitrogen by Chemiluminescence
ASTM D4683 High-Temperature High Shear/TBS Viscosity
ASTM D4684 TP-1 MRV Viscosity
ASTM D4739 Base Number 
ASTM D4742 TFOUT Gas Engine Oils
ASTM D4951 Elemental Analysis by ICP, Wear Metals
ASTM D5133 Gelation Index
ASTM D5133 Scanning Brookfield Viscosity
ASTM D5185 Elemental Analysis by ICP (No S)
ASTM D5293 Cold Cranking Simulator
ASTM D5453 Sulfur
ASTM D5762 Nitrogen
ASTM D5800 Noack Volatility
ASTM D6082 Foaming, Sequence IV
ASTM D6278 Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability, 30 Passes
ASTM D6304 Water by Karl Fischer
ASTM D6375 Noack Volatility by TGA
ASTM D6417 Simulated Distillation by Gas Chromatography
ASTM D6443 Chlorine by XRF
ASTM D6557 Ball Rust Test
ASTM D6594 High-Temperature Corrosion Bench Test
ASTM D6616 High-Temperature High Shear/TBS Viscosity
ASTM D6794 Engine Oil Water Tolerance (EOWT)
ASTM D6795 Engine Oil Filterability (EOFT)
ASTM D6922 Homogeneity & Miscibility
ASTM D7098 TFOUT, Catalyst B
ASTM D7109 Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability - 30 & 90 Passes
ASTM D7216 GF-5 Elastomer Compatibility, ACM, FKM, HNBR, MAC, VMQ
ASTM D7216 GF-6 Elastomer Compatibility, ACM, FKM, HNBR, MAC, VMQ
ASTM D7216 GM dexos1:2015 Elastomer Compatibility, ACM, FKM, HNBR, VMQ
ASTM D7216 HDD Elastomer Compatibility, ACM, FKM, NBR, MAC, VMQ
ASTM D8447 Thermo-oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test (TEOST Turbo®)
SAVLAB CAP Viscosity by Cone & Plate
SAVLAB PEI Phosphorus Emissions Index (PEI), 1 Hr
SAVLAB PEI 165 Phosphorus Emissions Index (PEI), 16 Hrs
SAVLAB PEI 165 Phosphorus Emissions Index (PEI), 32 Hrs
SAVLAB PEI 165 Phosphorus Emissions Index (PEI), 48 Hrs
SAVLAB PEI 165 Phosphorus Emissions Index (PEI), 64 Hrs
SAVLAB SEI Sulfur Emissions Index, (SEI) 
SAVLAB SFACALC Sulfated Ash, Calculated from ICP Results
SAVLAB TBR High Temperature Low Shear / TBR Viscosity
SAVLAB VLP Viscosity Loss Profile (VLP), 20, 30 or 40 Passes