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Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Testing

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) testing is performed for the major OEM ATF specifications such as DEXRON, MERCON, ATF+4, Matic, Toyota ATF, and DW-1.

ASTM International Method

ASTM D92     Flash Point and Fire Point, Cleveland Open Cup
ASTM D97     Pour Point
ASTM D130   Copper Strip Corrosion
ASTM D287   API Gravity of Crude Petroleum
ASTM D445   Kinematic Viscosity, 40°C or 100°C
ASTM D445   Kinematic Viscosity, 0°C and Above
ASTM D445   Kinematic Viscosity, Below 0°C
ASTM D664   Acid Number
ASTM D665   Rust Prevention 4 Hours (Method A or B)
ASTM D892   Foaming, Sequence I - III
ASTM D892 & D6082 Foaming, Sequence I - IV
ASTM D974   Acid Number
ASTM D974   Base Number
ASTM D1500 Color
ASTM D1748 Rust Protection by Humidity Cabinet
ASTM D2270 Viscosity Index (Includes D445 at 40°C & 100°C)
ASTM D2622 Sulfur by XRF - Wavelength Dispersive
ASTM D2896 Base Number
ASTM D2983 Brookfield Viscosity, +20°C to -60°C
ASTM D3233 Falex Extreme Pressure
ASTM D4052 Specific Gravity (Includes API Gravity)
ASTM D4172 Four Ball Wear
ASTM D4683 High Temperature High Shear / TBS Viscosity
ASTM D4927 Sulfur Content for ATF by XRF
ASTM D4951 Elemental Analysis by ICP, Wear Metals
ASTM D5183 Coefficient of Friction by Four Ball
ASTM D5185 Elemental Analysis by ICP
ASTM D5185 Sulfur by Elemental Analysis by ICP
ASTM D5293 Cold Cranking Simulator
ASTM D5800 Noack Volatility
ASTM D6304 Water by Karl Fischer
ASTM D6417 Simulated Distillation by Gas Chromatography
ASTM D6443 Chlorine by XRF
CEC L-45-99 Modified KRL Shear 20 Hours
FTM 203C Stable Pour Point