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Savant Labs
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Gear Lubricant Testing

Evaluating the crucial properties of gear lubricants such as viscosity, shear stability, and wear performance testing is critical when assessing the performance of gear lubricants. This gear lubricant testing would include four-ball wear extreme pressure, pin and vee wear, foam testing, and more.  

Savant Labs offer most of the gear lubricant testing required under SAE J2360 specification for Automotive Gear Lubricants for Commercial and Military Use. 

ASTM International Method

ASTM D92    Flash Point, Cleveland Open Cup
ASTM D94    Saponification Number
ASTM D97    Pour Point
ASTM D130   Copper Strip Corrosion
ASTM D287   API Gravity (Hydrometer)
ASTM D445   Kinematic Viscosity
ASTM D664   Acid Number
ASTM D665   Rust Prevention 4  and 24 Hours (Method A or B)
ASTM D874   Sulfated Ash
ASTM D892   Foaming, Sequence I - III
ASTM D893   Insolubles, Pentane
ASTM D943   Oxidation Characteristics (2.0 TAN or 1000 Hrs)
ASTM D1500 Color
ASTM D2270 Viscosity Index
ASTM D2603 Sonic Shear, Oils
ASTM D2622 Sulfur by XRF - Wavelength Dispersive 
ASTM D2670 Falex Pin & Vee Wear
ASTM D2711  Demulsibility - Procedure A (No EP Additives)
ASTM D2711  Demulsibility - Procedure B (EP Additives)
ASTM D2714 Block on Ring Friction and Wear
ASTM D2782 Timken Extreme Pressure
ASTM D2783 Four Ball Extreme Pressure
ASTM D2887 Gas Chromatography - Carbon Distribution
ASTM D2893 Oxidation Characteristics Extreme Pressure
ASTM D2983 Brookfield Viscosity, +20°C to -60°C
ASTM D3233 Falex Extreme Pressure
ASTM D3427 Air Release / Gas Bubble Separation
ASTM D4172 Four Ball Wear
ASTM D4310 Sludging/Corrosion Tendency Up to 1000 Hrs
ASTM D5182 FZG Gear Test - Up to 12 Stages
ASTM D5182 FZG Gear Test - Up to 14 Stages
ASTM D5183 Coefficient of Friction by Four Ball
ASTM D5453 & D5762 Sulfur and Nitrogen Package
CEC L-45-99 Mod. KRL Shear
FTM 3456 Channeling Characteristics