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Savant Labs
A World of Lubrication Understanding®

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited

Savant places quality at the center of everything we do. Savant Labs have earned ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for Chemical and Mechanical testing from Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (PJLA). PJLA is certified as an accreditation agency by the ilac-MRA. As a customer of Savant Labs, the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation offers several benefits:

  • Demonstration that Savant Labs have a well-established quality management system producing reliable and competent test and calibration results.
  • Simplifies your process to qualify Savant Labs as preferred labs for testing.
  • Trust that your samples are being tested by a world-class quality laboratory recognized by International Standards Organizations.
  • Data generated by Savant Labs has additional credibility when shared with your customers.
  • Data reports include all the information required by international certification organizations.

The chemical tests that are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited include industry specification tests such as:

  • Kinematic Viscosity and Viscosity Index, ASTM D445 & ASTM D2270
  • High Temperature High Shear TBS Viscosity, ASTM D4683 & ASTM D6616
  • Gelation Index / Scanning Brookfield Technique, ASTM D5133
  • Dynamic Low-Temperature Rotational Viscosity, ASTM D2983
  • Dynamic Low-Temperature Viscosity by Cold Cranking Simulator, ASTM D5293
  • Sulfur Analysis by UV Fluorescence, ASTM D5453
  • Elemental Analysis by ICP, ASTM D5185 & ASTM D4951
  • Boiling Point Distribution & Estimation of Engine Oil Volatility by Gas Chromatography, ASTM D6417 & ASTM D2887 EXT
  • FTIR Oxidation, Soot, Phosphate, Sulfate, Nitration for In-Service Fluids, ASTM E2412, ASTM D7414, ASTM D7415, ASTM D7412, ASTM D7844 & ASTM D7624
  • Nitrogen by Chemiluminescence, ASTM D5762 & ASTM D4629
  • Elastomer Compatibility, ASTM D7216 & CEC L-112
  • Base Number ASTM D2896 & ASTM D4739
  • Water by Karl Fischer, ASTM D6304
  • Acid Number, ASTM D664
  • Oxidation Deposits (MHT), ASTM D7097
  • Oxidation Deposits (TEOST 33C), ASTM D6335
  • Oxidation Stability (RPVOT), ASTM D2272
  • Viscosity Loss - KRL, CEC L-45-99 Modified
  • Oxidation Stability, CEC L-48
  • Low-Temperature Pumpability, CEC L-105
  • Oxidation Test of Biodiesel, CEC L-109
  • Wear preventive, ASTM D4172 & ASTM D2266
  • Four Ball Extreme Pressure, ASTM D2783 & ASTM D2596
  • Thermo-oxidation Engine Oil Simulation Test (TEOST Turbo®), ASTM D8447

The mechanical tests that are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited include industry specification tests such as:

  • Flash & Fire Point, ASTM D92
  • Flash Point, Closed Cup, ASTM D93
  • Foam Sequence I-III, ASTM D892
  • Foam Sequence IV, ASTM D6082
  • Pour Point, ASTM D97
  • Sulfated Ash, ASTM D874
  • Evaporating Loss of Lubricating Oils, Noack Volatility, ASTM D5800
  • Density, SAVLAB Density by Pycnometer
  • Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability, 30 Pass, 90 Pass, ASTM D6278 & ASTM D7109
  • Dynamic Viscosity, Low Temperature, ASTM D4684 & ASTM D3829
  • Fuel Dilution Diesel & Gasoline, ASTM D3524 & ASTM D3525
  • Tarnish Rating and Concentrations of Copper and Lead and any changes in metal concentrations, ASTM D6594
  • Level of Tarnish and Corrosion, ASTM D130 & ASTM D4048

Savant Labs will prepare more tests for audit and looks to add additional tests over time. Contact Savant Labs for your next testing project.