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Savant Labs
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Wear, Performance, and Simulation Testing

Savant Labs offer an array of wear and application simulation testing. Tribology is the science and engineering of interacting surfaces in relative motion and  includes the principles of friction, lubrication, and wear.  There are many ASTM methods to determine wear with fluid lubricants and greases under the prescribed test conditions.  There are also methods widely used for the determination of extreme pressure properties, load-carrying capacity of lubricating fluids, determination of coefficient of friction, in addition to performance and simulation and more.  

Our expert technicians have also written an article related to Wear Preventive Characteristics and highlights extreme pressure four-ball, four-ball wear, and SRV

If you would like to discuss testing options or learn more about the testing capabilities available at Savant labs, please contact us.

ASTM International Method

ASTM D2266 Four Ball Wear (Grease)
ASTM D2509 Timken OK Load for Grease (Specify starting load)
ASTM D2596 Four Ball Extreme Pressure (Grease) Up to 400 kg
ASTM D2596 Four Ball Extreme Pressure (Grease) Above 400 kg
ASTM D2622 Sulfur by XRF - Wavelength Dispersive 
ASTM D2670 Falex Pin & Vee Wear
ASTM D2670 Falex Pin & Vee Wear with custom configuration
ASTM D2711 Demulsibility - Procedure A (No EP Additives)
ASTM D2711 Demulsibility - Procedure B (Contains EP Additives)
ASTM D2714 Block on Ring Friction and Wear
ASTM D2782 Timken Extreme Pressure (Specify starting load)
ASTM D2783 Four Ball Extreme Pressure Up to 400 kg
ASTM D2783 Four Ball Extreme Pressure Above 400 kg
ASTM D3233 Falex Extreme Pressure
ASTM D4170 Fretting Wear, Grease
ASTM D4172 Four Ball Wear
ASTM D4693 Low Temperature Torque, Grease
ASTM D5182 FZG Gear Test - Up to 12 Stages
ASTM D5182 FZG Gear Test - Up to 14 Stages
ASTM D5183 Coefficient of Friction by Four Ball
ASTM D5620 Drain and Dry Mode Using Falex Pin & Vee Block Test Machine (Withdrawn)
ASTM D5706 Extreme Pressure Properties of Lubricating Greases Using  SRV, Procedure A or B
ASTM D5707 Friction and Wear Properties of Lubricating Grease using SRV
ASTM D6079 Lubricity by HFRR
DIN 51354 1900 Testing of Lubricants
ISO 14635-1, -2, -3 FZG Gear Test