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Viscosity Testing and Shear Stability Testing

Savant Labs offer test methods for viscosity testing and shear stability testing. We understand the need for the industry to further evaluate the fuel-efficient benefits of engine oils in different operating conditions within an engine.  Using the High-Temperature, High Shear Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer (HTHS-TBS), Savant Labs have the ability to measure viscosities from 40ºC to as high as 200ºC in addition to the standard HTHS testing at 100ºC and 150ºC.  Savant's expertise allows us to measure viscosity at customized shear rates from 1x105 s-1 to 7x105 s-1. With the experience and knowledge of the equipment manufacturer, Tannas Company, a sister company of Savant Labs, we have skills and experience beyond most testing labs in the industry. 

Savant Labs’ Founder, Ted Selby, has written numerous technical articles related to viscosity and shear stability which can be found in our technical paper library.

Our expert chemists and technicians have also written overview articles related to viscosity and shear stability listed below.

Shear Stability and Viscosity Loss Overview
Viscosity Loss - It's Only Temporary

If you would like to discuss shear stability options or learn more about the testing capabilities available at Savant Labs, please contact us.

ASTM International Method

ASTM D97       Pour Point
ASTM D445    Kinematic Viscosity, 0°C and Above
ASTM D445    Kinematic Viscosity, 40°C or 100°C
ASTM D445    Kinematic Viscosity, Below 0°C 
ASTM D1084  B T-Bar Viscosity of Adhesives
ASTM D1092  Apparent Viscosity, Grease
ASTM D2270  Viscosity Index
ASTM D2532  Viscosity Stability at Low Temperature
ASTM D2603  Sonic Shear
ASTM D2983  Brookfield Viscosity, +20°C to -60°C
ASTM D3829  Mini-Rotary Viscosity (MRV)
ASTM D4287  High-Shear Viscosity Using a Cone/Plate Viscometer
ASTM D4683  High-Temperature High Shear/TBS Viscosity
ASTM D4684  TP-1 MRV Viscosity, Single Temperature
ASTM D5133  Scanning Brookfield Viscosity (-5°C to -40°C)
ASTM D5133  Scanning Brookfield Viscosity, Extended Temp. Range
ASTM D5275  Fuel Injector Shear Stability (FISST), 20, 30, 40 Passes
ASTM D5293  Cold Cranking Simulator, Single Temperature
ASTM D5293  Mod. Cold Cranking Simulator, Temperature Scan
ASTM D5621  Sonic Shear, Hydraulic Fluids
ASTM D6278  Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability
ASTM D6616  High-Temperature High Shear/TBS Viscosity, 100°C
ASTM D7109  Kurt Orbahn Shear Stability - 30 and 90 Passes
CEC L-036-90  Mod. High-Temperature High Shear Viscosity, 150°C
CEC L-45-99    Mod. KRL Shear
CEC L-45-99    Mod. KRL Shear + pre & post shear VI
FTM 203C        Stable Pour Point
SAVLAB CAP  Cone and Plate Viscosity
SAVLAB FEI    Fuel Efficiency Index (FEI)
SAVLAB GES   GE Package 1, B82-1
SAVLAB TBR   High Temperature Low Shear/TBR Viscosity
SAVLAB VLP   Viscosity Loss Profile (VLP), 20 Passes
SAVLAB VLP   Viscosity Loss Profile (VLP), 30 Passes
SAVLAB VLP   Viscosity Loss Profile (VLP), 40 Passes