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NLGI's New HPM Grease Specification

As the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) launches a new High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) grease specification and certification program, Savant Labs are here to assist you with your testing needs. Whether you are preparing a new or an existing formulation for HPM certification, Savant Labs have over 50 years of experience in lubrication testing and understanding of the test methods, the limits established, and have the know-how in running many of the tests listed in the specification. NLGI’s new HPM grease specification has been developed by top grease experts around the world and is based on high performance and has a broader utility to the industry. The HPM grease specification has a core specification and additional subcategories outlined below.

HPM Classifications

The core specification requires several ASTM methods focused on wear, water washout, temperature, oxidation, and corrosion with limits for enhanced performance. Our last On The Horizons Newsletter focused on wear preventive characteristics. Many of the tests mentioned in that article are included in the new HPM grease specification. The subcategories of the specification are designed with tests and limits for enhanced performance in the areas of water resistance (+WR), high load carrying capacity (+HL), saltwater corrosion resistance (+CR), and low-temperature (+LT) performance. The testing for the sub-categories are listed below: 

High-Performance Multiuse grease specification + Corrosion Resistance

High-Performance Multiuse grease specification + High Load

High-Performance Multiuse grease specification + Low Temperature

High-Performance Multiuse grease specification + Water Resistance

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