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Savant Labs
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Multi-use Antibacterial Sanitizer

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Savant Group of companies have temporarily converted a portion of the manufacturing facility to produce an alcohol-based antibacterial sanitizer. The collaboration between the chemists and technicians from Savant Labs have made this possible as we strive to support our communities during these challenging times.

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Product Description

Alcohol-based multi-use antibacterial sanitizer, alcohol-ethanol content of 80% v/v, non-sterile, topical solution, and distributed in US gallon (3785.4 mL) containers. 

Technical Specification

  • Alcohol antibacterial sanitizer – portable antiseptic for personal use on hands, surfaces, shopping carts, door handles and more. Not causing skin irritation or allergies (no inclusion of colorants, dyes or perfumes). Product offered is fragrance free.

  • Product is in accordance with recommendations from WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Health Care: Alcohol-ethanol USP or FCC Grade (80% v/v), Glycerol (1.45% v/v), Hydrogen Peroxide (0.125% v/v), Sterile Distilled Water. 

  • Bottles available in (1) US Gallon (3785.4 mL) content, plastic or equivalent, with sturdy screw cap.

  • Label includes considerations such as: content, active and inactive ingredients, directions for use, and warnings. Label is in English language.

  • Domestic USA shipping only; Per box of 4 or 6 containers, and/or via pallet.

  • Ideal for refilling trigger sprayers and misting spray bottles. 

  • Add your favorite essential oil scent (1 oz./gal).

  • This formula is a liquid – NOT a gel; Can be used for hands and surfaces.

  • Proudly made in the USA.

Pricing Options

$45.00/gallon OR $42.00/gallon for Orders of 300+ containers (plus shipping charges). Smaller quantities than (1) gallon containers are not currently available.

Savant Hand Sanitizer