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Grease Oxidation Measurement by an Advanced Technique

Grease AssemblyOxidation resistance is one of the most desirable properties of grease, particularly because of the stresses imposed by continuous operation often at high temperature. For many years the batch-to-batch oxidation resistance of grease has routinely been measured using ASTM Test Method D942. 

This method has been implemented on the Tannas Quantum® instrument, which is an isothermal reactor eliminating the care and concern of a liquid bath. In conjunction with this improvement of D942, a further advancement in grease oxidation measurement has been developed by combining the ASTM D942 Test Method with infrared (IR) analysis. This technique considerably amplifies the very limited information provided by the D942 test alone. With such information, ASTM Test Method D942 can be used to develop correlation with greases in service and permit selection of greases and additive package for specific applications.  The full technical brief is available.