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Savant Labs Expand Lubricating Oil and Grease SRV Testing Capabilities

SRV TestingSavant Labs, an independent testing laboratory and research center, announced the expansion of its SRV testing capabilities for lubricating oil and grease testing. The name SRV has become synonymous with innovation in the tribological analysis of lubricants and materials, and the initials SRV are derived from German; Schwingung (oscillation), Reibung (friction), and Verschleiss (wear). 

 The SRV can be modified to a wide range of temperatures, load, oscillation frequency, materials in contact, time, and stroke length to match test parameters in as much detail as possible to product engineering design standards and actual field conditions. With the ability to modify so many crucial test parameters at once, the SRV at Savant Labs can be very useful for evaluating the effectiveness of lubricants in simulated applications. Such data could be very compelling for lubricant marketers to attract and retain new business.  

 Most recently, the SRV test is now part of NLGI’s new High-Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Specification for high load (HPM+HL) certification. Several internationally recognized standard test methods have been published for SRV testing and are part of our lubricating oil and grease testing offering by Savant Labs.   

 “Our commitment to expand our testing capabilities and highly skilled workforce allows us to meet our customers’ demand for technical excellence with timely and accurate data,” said Norm Kanar, Marketing & Sales Manager. “We help customers solve the more complex lubrication issues in the industry, and we strive for a positive customer experience.” Evidence of customer excellence is found in our highly positive customer survey results. In the past year, customer survey results indicate both high satisfaction with our customer service level as well as an overall high score for technical excellence and accuracy. 

 Contact Savant Labs to discuss a custom project using the SRV capabilities. For additional information, contact Norm Kanar, Marketing & Sales Manager, at or call + (989) 496-2301.




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