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Savant Labs
A World of Lubrication Understanding®

Turbine Lubricant Testing

Savant Labs offer test methods for turbine lubricants including viscosity, oxidation resistance and wear testing. 

ASTM International Method
ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity
ASTM D664 Acid Number
ASTM D893 Insolubles, Pentane
ASTM D943 Oxidation Characteristics (2.0 TAN or 1000 Hrs)
ASTM D943 Oxidation Characteristics (2.0 TAN or 2000 Hrs)
ASTM D943 Oxidation Characteristics (2.0 TAN or 3000 Hrs)
ASTM D974 Acid Number
ASTM D1401 Emulsion Characteristics, Water Separability
ASTM D2272 Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT)
ASTM D2622 Sulfur by XRF - Wavelength Dispersive
ASTM D2709 Water and Sediment
ASTM D2783 Four Ball Extreme Pressure
ASTM D2983 Brookfield Viscosity, +20°C to -60°C
ASTM D5185 Elemental Analysis by ICP
ASTM D6304 Water by Karl Fischer
ASTM D7412 FTIR Analysis, In-Service Fluid, Phosphate
ASTM D7414 FTIR Analysis, In-Service Fluid, Oxidation
ASTM D7624 FTIR Analysis, In-Service Fluid, Nitration
ASTM D7844 FTIR Analysis, In-Service Fluid, Soot
ISO 4406 Particle Count