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High-Performance Multiuse Grease Specification + Low Temperature

Low-temperature greases are designed for use in extreme cold, such as winter weather, polar or cryogenic conditions. 

Savant Labs are positioned to address your grease testing needs.  Below are the performance tests noted in the specification for HPM + Low Temperature referred to as HPM+LT.

International ASTM Method
D217 Cone Penetration, Worked & 60 Strokes (Grease)
D217 Cone Penetration, Extended Worked (100,000 Strokes)
D4289 Elastomer Compatibility NBR L Grease
D942 Oxidation Stability (Grease)
D1264 Water Washout of Greases
D1478** Low Temperature Torque - Grease
D1742 Oil Separation, Storage of Grease
D6184 Oil Separation Percent, Wire Cone Method
D1831 Roll Stability of Grease
D2266 Four Ball Wear (Grease)
D2596 Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Grease
D1743 Rust Prevention Properties of Grease
D6138 Corrosion-Preventive Properties, Dynamic Wet Conditions (Emcor Test)
D4048 Detection of Copper Corrosion
US Steel LT- 37** Grease Mobility
DIN 51805** Flow Pressure, Kesternich Method
**Testing specific to HPM+LT