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Savant Labs
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SAE J300

Savant Labs offer testing according to (Society of Automotive Engineers) SAE J300 to determine an engine oil’s SAE viscosity grade. Four viscosity tests determine the multi-grade parameters. A multi-grade oil’s viscosity grade is often expressed as #W##, for example 5W30 or 0W20. The “W” in the viscosity grade stands for “winter”.

Low-Temperature tests the determine the first number in a multi-grade oil:

High-Temperature tests that determine the second number in a multi-grade engine oil: 

  • ASTM D445      Viscosity, Kinematic at 100°C
  • ASTM D4683    High-Temperature High Shear / TBS Viscosity at 150°C

Savant Labs can run tests to confirm or help you determine the SAE J300 viscosity grade. The Savant Labs' technical team has a deep understanding of this testing slate and we can help you.  For more information contact us or request a quote for your next testing project.